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Freefall Tournament, A great 3d shooting game in which you enjoy fighting at a space station.FreeFall Tournament is a fast-paced, space marines 3rd person shooter. 8 classes. 3 maps: Training Arena—Team Death Match; Shuttle Bay—King of the Hill; Moon Base—Control Point Scramble. Ranks up to General unlock maps. Cash & XP awarded for teamwork. Target-locking enables aerial combat. Respawn regroups teammates.Attention: large download. a few minutes is worth the wait! freefall tournament is an intense, team-based, space combat game. jetpacks, armor, hammers, swords, guns, and bombs will determine the winner of this pvp tournament. choose to fight as one of a growing cast of classes battling in 10-20 minute matches. rank up and win cash to purchase more weapons, armor, and boosts in order to dominate…show. Good luck. Have fun!


WASD (or arrow keys) + mouse moves character Space – activates jetpack for jump Left Shift – jetpack thrust down Left click fires primary weapon Right click target locks reticle when on target 1, 2 – switch weapons R – reload / special Q – special class specific power 1 E – special class specific power 2 F – bomb T – text chat, G for team chat C – changes class on respawn Tab – shows teams info O – options menu, graphics res and full screen Y – vote yes to resign N – vote to not resign Enter or Return – respawns You can also reconfigure the controls by going to [O]ptions and selecting Configure Keys at the bottom.


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